Hello, my name is Dallas, a.k.a. The Divine Princess Warrior.

I work with like-hearted motivated Spirits just like yours that want to let go of their limiting beliefs and embrace their unlimited potential. It’s time we balance our masculine and feminine aspects of self so that we can return to wholeness. Once this happens we can discover our unique gifts and collaborate with heaven as a Divine son or daughter of God.

How you ask? No worries! I have created a community of like-minded souls willing to take the steps to discover who they truly are outside of their history.  Healing begins with you! I am only here to guide you and support along your journey.

Together we will retreat, connect, pray and support one another through this thing called life. Let me introduce you to a world of hope, love and joy found through the eyes of Jesus. This ministry was created to help others return to a relationship with God and find a loving space for self as well as others.  This is the greatest commandment of all!

After attending Life Christian University and becoming an ordained minister, I began to seek a way to share Christ’s love without limitations.  I wanted to have an understanding and be a bridge for all God’s children. Through a friend and mentor who had a near dear experience twenty years early, I was introduced to the Alliance of Divine Love.

Today, I am also an interfaith ordained minister through with the Alliance of Divine Love so that I can have an umbrella and reach all God’s children with the Love of Christ.  This umbrella is in line with my mission of the Greatest Degree of Love and allows me to offer the various teachings and tools without judgement as others are finding their way back home to God. This is the Sacred Heart of Jesus for humanity. My chapel affiliate is #2087 Sacred Heart Chapel of the Alliance of Divine Love.

Over the past few years, I have taken several spiritual pilgrimage journeys that have opened my eyes to the ancient mysteries of the past and given me a window into the hearts and minds of those that have been seeking God for centuries. Like the Christian mystics and early saints, I have sought to find a personal communion with Jesus to understand his sacred heart for humanity. It’s that small still voice inside that beckons to connect with the miracle of the unseen so that we can truly be in the world and not of the world.

Through my cross cultural shamanic training, I have gained a great appreciation for the sacred ceremonies and rituals that allow the heart of the seeker to seek and find their most greatest desire, a relationship with God.  Everything is sacred, everything is connected. There are many beautiful ceremonies that offer seekers an opportunity to disconnect from the distraction of everyday and recenter so their soul can breathe. You see, we are body, mind and Spirit. We can connect with God through prayer, ceremony, nature, music, etc. The Rosary Prayer is a beautiful expression of a contemplative prayer that focuses the heart and mind on higher things. Creating your own prayer altar is another great way to focus your mind on things above, bringing heaven to earth.

God has forever desired humanity to remember our true nature. We are made in the image of God both masculine and feminine. As in marriage when a man and a women become connected as one, we too have to honor and unite these aspects within self so that we can unite our hearts with that of the Holy Spirit. You see, Jesus came to reunite us as sons and daughters of our Abba.  As Jesus showed the greatest degree of love for humanity, he broke the curse of selfishness and tore the veil between man and God.

This act of unconditional love to reunite humanity with God is a gift we could never earn but was freely given. If it is free, why do run away from this truth? Could it be that we don’t feel worthy of such a sacrifice? Is it because we could never see ourselves making such a sacrifice? The good news is that we don’t have to make this sacrifice – it is finished. We must seek to really know the person of Jesus. What he taught about loving God and your neighbor as yourself. You see, the reason he said that this was the greatest and highest commandment was that when you master this all other aspects of life fall into the right alignment. In others words, the 10 commandants will already be met in the process.

Many have been hurt by organized religion and have moved away from the true teachings of Jesus. Today through science and discovery we are learning that in the early days there were several forms of Christianity. What they had in common was that they believed in the teachings (The Way) of Jesus. Due to the politics of the day, many groups were forced to go underground and several were killed because they didn’t believe in the official brand of worship. Several people lost their life and there are still people losing their lives today. Could you imagine in the free world if there were only one form of faith allowed, how many people would be subject to the same fate?  Still today we could all come together under Love regardless of the way we choose to express it. Only then can we combat the evil we face today.

This year we will be seeing more and more from God. Supernatural miracles, answered prayers and unthinkable solutions are part of the plan. Regardless of what I have uncovered and unearthed along my awakening, I still know that Jesus came as the Son of God so that as we believe and receive his gift of unconditional love, we can once again have a real relationship with God knowing that we are a Child of God. When we have this understanding on a soul level, life will never be the same. The Holy Spirit that has been there but asleep is awakened and then we are ready to be the co-creators we were born to be.

You are being called back to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. This is what you have been missing. Don’t let the wounded people of this world keep you from walking with the one that showed you the greatest love of all. I have often been asked what type of Christian I am. Since I am someone with a diverse background in the Christian faith, my answer is always one that believes in and follows Jesus.  You see if you focus on Jesus, spirituality and science can live in harmony. You see God is the creator of all things – that includes science.

As a professional business coach, author and speaker I am combining my years of corporate expertise along with my spiritual ministry to provide a coaching program like no other. Together you will discovery your Unique Soul Expression.  If you are looking to get unstuck and free from your limitings beliefs, click this link to learn more and to request a free discovery call. We also offer IFM Inner Healing sessions as well as Sacred Heart Healing Circles. You can learn more about these ministry offerings under healing services. You can also invite me to come and offer a inspirational talk and healing service for your group.

Recently my journey has lead me to create a new sacred signature water essence. Like other holistic modalities, this essence is intended to balance both the masculine and feminine aspects of our Spirit so we can have a more pure connection with the Holy Spirit. If you would like to know more about my sacred light/ prayer language songs and my Divine Union Sacred Water Essence please visit contact us.

Your Sister in Christ and Love of the Divine,


Soul Restoration Architect /Divine Princess Warrior