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We’ve been on a break for a bit, but we’re preparing now to come back better than ever with new segments featuring guests and topics we know you’ll find insightful and that will aid you in your journey. Until then, we hope you find some of our previous content of interest. The interview subjects are timeless.

Week 23: How to Ace the Job Interview!
Stuart Taylor, president of Top Performers, joins Dallas for a chat about what is working and not working in today’s interview arena. Together they explore how to curb your interview anxiety and prepare for those awkward interview moments. Stuart offers his blueprint strategy that encourages everyone, whether they are a seasoned professional or a newcomer to the workplace. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from these two sought after business leaders.

Week 22: Jackie’s Miracle
Dallas talks with Emeka Iwenofu , a young aspiring author who has written a series of books called The Miracle Trilogy. Francine’s Miracle is the start of the series. His personal journey to learn a path to be grateful for the small things in life, helped turn his life around. He now shares some of his personal insights through the stories of his characters. Through various times in history, his characters are learning how to overcome their adversity and bless others along the way. He hopes that his books not only create a positive message of inspiration to his readers but compels them to discover and apply the unlimited potential they carry within their own minds, regardless of their present conditions and circumstances as experienced through the women featured in his stories. With the proper techniques explained, anyone can create any and everything they want in their life. And as the message was carried along between these women, he hopes his readers share that same message with everyone they know and love. He wishes the best for all and encourages that everyone dream BIG… just as nature intended!

Week 21: Share Your Story – Transform Your Life
We all have a story. What’s yours? Can you imagine writing a book or making a movie that changes lives or changes the world? Dallas talks with Robert Hammond, an award winning screenwriter, producer, and best- selling author of a dozen books including The Light and Ready When You Are: Cecil B. DeMille’s Ten Commandments for Success shares his personal story of overcoming adversity. We heal in the sharing of our stories. As we share our stories, the world heals in the process. Whether you want to write a memoir, novel, how-to book, or screenplay, Robert can help you take your project from concept to print and beyond. Visit roberthammondconsulting.com

Week 20: How to ZIG, When Life ZAGS
Our guest author, speaker and trainer Ms. Allison Blankenship shares with us how we can find the Upside ( her latest book now available) through the not knowns in life. She reveals the secret to rewriting the rules and creating your own crystal ball. Finding the flow in the art of life and jumping for joy in the midst of change. Allison is the “go-to” person for developing and implementing new ideas, strategies and start-ups. Join us for a conversation!

Week 19: Make a Promise Day
When is the last time you made a promise? Who did you make it to? If so, did you feel that this held you to following through on what you promised. My guest, Matthew Cossolotto, Founder of Make a Promise Day, shares with us the power of a promise. How a promise can give you that extra incentive to make sure your follow through. When was the last time you broke a promise? How did that make you feel? Let’s explore that together.

Week 18: Stepping Into Greatness: Transformation Following Tragedy
Dr. Jean Meeks the founder of Positive Eye Consulting who’s life has been marked by great and tragic moments of change. She has chosen to make change her friend rather than something to fear – actually hugging change. She shares her model for changing the way we see our circumstances to a point-of-view of non-judgment. If God brings you to it, He will bring you through it. Tips to help you get through these seasons as you are walking through a time such as this. Be sure to get her book for your personal library.

Week 17: Endless Energy, The Essential Guide to Energy Health
Would you like to have more energy? More zest for life? Put that spring back in your step? The truth is lack of vitality affects everyone at times. You know the feeling. Where did your energy go? Our guest Debra Greene, Ph.D., is an energy health specialist who has worked with thousands of clients and has taught hundreds of workshops. She is recognized for her ability to get to the core of energy imbalances and facilitate lasting improvement. We will talk about her new book Endless Energy, The Essential Guide to Energy Health. Don’t forget as true to form, just for listening you will receive a special bonus from our guest. What are you waiting for?

Week 16: Loving Myself First: Overcoming Life’s Obstacles
Change can begin when you realized your responsibility to set an example, to believe in yourself and to make the mental and physical changes necessary to positively support and accomplish your goals. Our guest and author of Loving Myself First: Overcoming Life’s Obstacles (Past, Present, and Future), Lorraine Morgan Scott shares the techniques she used to build a foundation of success – a foundation of self-worth and confidence.

Week 15: Dating Like A Grownup
Join me and our guest Ms. Bobbi Palmer, Dating and Relationship Coach for Women. You deserve a good man who adores you and enhances your already nice life and he is out there, maybe right under your nose. Perhaps you have one, but have forgotten. Bobbi unveils the secret, telling you that your days of dates that go nowhere can be over. Don’t worry, he’s out there. You just need to know how to recognize him when you see him.

Week 14: How Can I Say No Without Feeling Guilty?
What does a healthy relationship look like? What is co-dependence, really? With all this talk about healthy boundaries, what does it really mean? Our guest, Reverend Edie Weinstein, is known as the Joy Coach, helping people find what they truly need in their lives. She is currently writing her first best-selling book The Bliss Mistress Guide to Transforming the Ordinary into the Extraordinary. Edie offers a workshop for women who want to re-create their lives based on these concepts.

Week 13: Lost Your MOJO?
So what is the difference between individuals that reach their goals and those that fall short? How do you consider those bumps in life? Our guest, Travis Brown, otherwise known as Mr. MOJO will share with us his meaning of finding your mojo and how you can have the life that your creator intended. Mr. Brown has graciously offered our guests a must have bonus just for listening. Join us for refreshing dose of inspiration and encouragement.

Week 12: The Small Business Guide To Creating A Blue Ocean
What do all great companies have in common? What if you could work with a team to help you uncover a niche market- a market that makes the competition irrelevant? Our guest John Walker is an attorney who is Of Counsel to a leading international firm, Duke Law Firm, and a partner in his own firm, Strategic Venture Development. Helping small businesses make a series of strategic moves to grow and dominate their market is his passion. Dont forget you receive a FREE BONUS just for listening.

Week 11: Turning Tragedy Into Triumph?
Have you had something happen in your life that just seemed to knock you off course? Perhaps it was so devastating that you thought you might never recover. Sometimes we need to go though messy, stinky stuff to get what we want. Our guest Pauline Duncan-Thrasher is a survivor of such a tragedy and now as the CEO of Communication Excellence. She helps leaders move forward with positive and productive communication skills. Often times our silence can be the biggest tragedy of them all. Don’t forget you receive a FREE BONUS just for listening.

Week 10: Got Sales?
So are you in sales? Yes, of course you are. You are selling yourself everywhere you go. When you change the way you think about sales, you can have a positive impact on yourself, your business and your impact on others. Our guest Lenann McGookey Gardner, author of Got Sales? will share her insight on how to approach sales in a new way.

Week 9: Mastering the Art of Nice?
How would you rank your personal nice factor? Would thinking like a concierge help you on your path to success? Our guest Katharine C. Giovanni is the Co- Founder of Triangle Concierge, a global leader in concierge training and customer service. Learn how the experts at Disney answer the question, What time is the 3 o’clock parade? This week Katharine will share her insight on starting your own concierge business or just incorporating that philosophy in your daily life.

Week 8: Is Your Past Making You Sick, Literally?
What is the link between life experiences, belief patterns, and manifested disease? Why are some people successful at changing their lives or healing their bodies while others aren’t? Our guest Tara Meyer-Robson made the scientific breakthrough that became The Flow Method – a remarkable transformation and healing program that works for all people everywhere. This week she will share her insight with us, and of course, as always you have a chance to win- just for listening.

Week 7: Who Owns Your Dream?
Do you consider yourself a self-help junkie? Are you waiting to go for it? Well, who and what are you waiting for? Are you paralyzed from taking action? Our guest Kristen Moeller, Author of Waiting for Jack, knows what it’s like to wait, yet she did not take no for an answer. How much are you willing to pay for your dream? It will cost you something! Be sure to listen to receive a special FREE gift. Just our way to thank you for your most precious gift, your time.

Week 6: Transform Any Area of Your Life in 7 Hours
Have you tried to attract something in your life- only to get stuck by negative people, limiting beliefs, unexpected distractions, doubts, unfocused thought, or lack of passion? Well, get ready for a treat! Our guest, Chaney Weiner, creator of the Wealth Mastery Success program, knows it can be tough to make sense of it all- but more importantly he knows how to make it work for you. Listen to receive a special bonus- FREE Mini Course as our gift!

Week 5: What’s Your Personal Brand?
Whether you know it or not, you’re telling others everyday what to think of you – it’s your personal brand. If you were a product, how would you brand yourself? What can we learn from a bottle of ketchup about self promotion? Social Media is here to stay, how does an online presence effect our personal branding? Our guest this week will give us some insights into the power of a personal brand. Dont’ forget, 10 lucky listeners will receive a special FREE gift!

Week 4: Get More Done in Less Time
Does this sound familiar? I know I need to get organized. I just can’t seem to keep up. I just dont know where to start. This week our guest will offer you simple strategies to take control of your mess and debunk the confusion of being busy with being productive. Dont miss this weeks bonus. Join us today!

Week 3: Should I say something or LET IT GO!
Something has been bugging you, on your mind and you’re not sure if you should mention it or just let it go. Our guest this will help create crystal clear vision for what to say and to whom. Uncover hidden challenges that may be sabotaging your success with communicating. You’ll be inspired and renewed with our Free gift. Join us today!

Week 2: Make It Thrive Strategic Planning
Well, it’s that time of year again. Time to set New Years Resolutions; Been there, done that? We’re going to tell you how to break free from the excuses. Excuses NO MORE! See yourself achieving your dreams. Our guest Caterina Rando will offer insight on the challenges you are facing in your business today.