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Hi I'm Dallas

Also known as Divine Princess Warrior, nice to meet you!
I work with like-hearted motivated Spirits just like yours that want to let go of their limiting beliefs and embrace their unlimited potential. It’s time we balance our masculine and feminine aspects of self so that we can return to wholeness. Once this happens we can discover our unique gifts and collaborate with heaven as a Divine son or daughter of God.

How you ask? No worries! I have created a community of like-minded souls willing to take the steps to discover who they truly are outside of their history. Healing begins with you! I am only here to guide you and support along your journey.

Together we will retreat, connect, pray and support one another through this thing called life. Let me introduce you to a world of hope, love and joy found through the eyes of Jesus. This ministry was created to help others return to a relationship with God and find a loving space for self as well as others. This is the greatest commandment of all!

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What others are saying

  • Dallas has been in the business of inspiring people for years. During my time at the Birmingham Regional Chamber of Commerce, Dallas was always engaging and focused on connecting people with resources that would be most useful for their professional development. As an author and leader of the Alabama Society for Training and Development, Dallas is finally being recognized for what she is - a Christ-inspired thought-leader with a drive to change hearts and lives for the better.

    Ed Fields Senior Advisor & Chief Strategist at City of Birmingham
  • Brothers & Sisters, I’ve had the BLESSING of receiving & using for others these Divinely gifted waters, they are a gift for humanity at this pacha! So much gratitude, Dallas ..for you stepping forward into your newly awakened “ Shamanic SELF” . YOU are amazing! ✨💖🌎✨😇😇😇🌈

    Mona Rain Chacaruna Healing & The Shamanic Spirits Cave, Boynton Beach, Florida
  • “From our first conversation on the phone I felt a kindred spirit in Dallas. Dallas “heard the call” to provide a healing/prayer session for me and I was receptive. Her presence is gentle, loving, powerful and strong. Her intuitive guidance led her to the places in my body and situations in my life that needed healing and forgiveness. She provided wisdom that I needed to hear and to assimilate/integrate into my being as I continue on my journey. I am so grateful that Dallas is following her Soul’s calling. She is a gift. Thank you Sister!”

    Karen Renée Robb Founder of Frame Drum Wisdom Nashville, TN

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Start to grow your business with the best tips!

Here is your chance to get access to my exclusive freebies!

Join our community, Think LOVE First!!

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