Think Love FirstThink LOVE First! ® Our vision is to create a far reaching movement that fosters a kingdom love revolution and usher in a culture of respect for our differences and an awareness of our common traits as human beings.  As God first loved us may we follow this lead and choose the same.

We believe that each heart that chooses #ThinkLoveFirst  will counteract the darkness that seems to take center stage in today’s world. Where there is love, there is light. Where there is light, darkness cannot stand. Everyone can take a pledge to #ThinkLoveFirst  and together we can change the world. What can you do to help share the message of light and love?

Together we will promote this through social media, videos, events and products.  Learn more about how to join the movement and share your story. Join us on our mission to be the answer to a hurting world!

What We Believe?

  • WE believe that all people are equal regardless of their race, age, faith or gender.
  • WE believe that love cares more for others than for self.
  • WE believe that love is kind and thoughtful.
  • WE believe that love is the highest expression of oneself.
  • WE believe that love does not envy.
  • WE believe that love does not boast.
  • WE believe that love it not proud.
  • We believe that love does not dishonor others.
  • WE believe that love is not self- seeking, rude or arrogant.
  • We believe that love is not easily angered.
  • WE believe that love chooses to forgive.
  • WE believe that love does not delight in evil.
  • WE believe love rejoices in the truth.
  • WE believe that love always protects.
  • WE believe that love always trusts.
  • WE believe that love endures all things.
  • WE believe that love always hopes.

Here are a few ways you can join our mission and together we can shift the atmosphere from one of hate and division to one of love and unity for all.

  • Post #ThinkLoveFirst  as you are inspired to share ways you have chosen to act in love.
  • Post a video showing ways you acting in love – i.e. doing something for someone in need etc.
  • Request some ThinkLoveFirst  cards and leave them in areas to help share the message.
  • Purchase ThinkLoveFirst  wrist bands, cards, shirts, hats etc. – wear them to start the conversation and share the message.
  • Start a ThinkLoveFirst club at your school. Create a small group that can champion this message throughout the year.
  • Invite Dallas to speak at your church, school or organization.