ThinkLoveFirst Tuesday Divine Message – Look Up Along the Way

Hello Dear Ones.

Wow. I have been so uncomfortable lately. Often times God is moving us into a new season. Today I am not the same person I was yesterday and tomorrow I will be different as well. So will you- Amen! If you have been around me or seen my #ThinkLoveFirst broadcasts, you have witnessed how the Holy Spirit is working through me to share messages of healing, hope and encouragement. I know this is part of my on-going calling as I walk with the Holy Spirit to share Heaven’s light and love.

There are so many people doing amazing things in our world. Each one of us can be a blessing to someone else, yet often we are struggling inside because although we know that God is LOVE, somewhere deep inside we don’t feel worthy of receiving something we could never earn- a gesture we could never repay. This is the great lie.

My friends, today is the day that Heaven wants to meet you where you most need it. Our universal heart is broken and through agents of unconditional love we can heal humanity. It first begins within. Through my personal and spiritual coaching we work one on one in these areas. When I began Facebook Live I started to see how God was touching lives through this effort. I was encouraged, but we began to have technical challenges. I needed to rethink the method of how the messages were being delivered.

We launched my radio program continuing to highlight the amazing stories of others, but didn’t have the time to listen to the Holy Spirit. All my focus was on the guests and the timed station breaks. I felt intuitively once again that God was trying to show me another way. I will be continuing to do these interviews as a podcast and post them on my website. They will be free for our members.

I am putting together plans for this right now. Clearing out, shredding things of the past that I no longer need. It is not easy, but clutter can hold a negative energy and keep one from moving forward. The mental clutter we have needs to be dealt with as well.

My prayer is that you think about what is causing clutter in your life. Just remember if you are having the same challenges again and again, it’s time to look within. Sometimes we cannot see what is going on when it has become our normal. This is what spiritual life coaching is all about. If something doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t.

If I can help you, connect with us on-line. Fill out the coaching form and we will arrange a time to explore this in greater detail. If it’s not the right time, together we will know. This ministry exists to help you when you are ready to get unstuck.